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Ferret Oil , 250ml (UK only)

Ferret Oil , 250ml (UK only)


1 x 250ml bottle of delicious SCFR Ferret Oil. 

UK delivery only.


Contains Pure Salmon oil + White fish oil. No extra additives.


Ferret oil is an ideal treat and your ferrets will love it! It's great for their coats and makes them bright eyed and bushy tailed!


You can also use it to distract your ferret when 'trying' to clip their nails, you just put 2 or 3 drops of oil onto their belly and they will lick it off while you clip their nails!


Not only that, I find it easy to give medication, just crush the tablet in a spoon ad mix with the oil, they wont notice the medicine! 

The colour shade of the oil can change from time to time , rest assured its top quality oil!

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